Ferrari Team Principal Frederic Vasseur praised the team's performance at the Australian Grand Prix, despite leaving with no points. Charles Leclerc crashed out on the opening lap, while Carlos Sainz finished 12th after receiving a five-second penalty. Despite setbacks, Vasseur emphasized the team's improvement in performance compared to the previous race in Jeddah and expressed hope for continued progress at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on April 30th.

Ferrari’s disappointing Australian Grand Prix weekend saw both drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, miss out on points. Leclerc’s race ended in the opening lap after colliding with Lance Stroll, while Sainz finished 12th due to a five-second time penalty. Despite the setbacks, Team Principal Frederic Vasseur is focusing on the positives.

Vasseur told Channel 4 that Ferrari showed a “good recovery” in performance compared to the previous race in Jeddah. He noted that the team’s pace during the Australian Grand Prix was promising, even after Sainz had to make an extra pit-stop. Vasseur believes the improvement in performance indicates an “important step” for Ferrari.

The Frenchman acknowledged the team’s disappointment with the weekend results but expressed optimism for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on April 30th. Vasseur is hopeful that the team can continue to make progress, building on the performance improvements seen in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, Leclerc, who has retired from two out of the first three races of the 2023 Formula 1 season, is determined to focus on “just finishing a race” before setting any long-term goals. The Ferrari driver believes that the team’s work in understanding the car’s setup during practice sessions will pay off later in the season.

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