Richard Armitage, the renowned actor known for his work in The Hobbit and The Stranger, has recently revealed that he partly improvised a scene in the new Netflix show “Obsession”. The erotic thriller, which premiered on the streaming platform on April 13th, is based on Josephine Hart’s 1991 novel, Damage, and follows the story of a surgeon, William (Richard Armitage), who becomes involved in an intense affair with his son’s fiancée, Anna (Charlie Murphy).

In one of the show’s notable scenes, William discovers Anna’s hotel room, where he hunts for her scent, sniffing around the bed before making a beeline for a pillow. Speaking to Metro, Armitage revealed that the scene was initially written differently and that the improvisation was necessary to prevent the scene from being comedic.

Furthermore, Armitage disclosed that his co-star, Charlie Murphy, had sprayed her scent around the bed without his knowledge, which helped him to improvise his scene. Despite being improvised, the scene turned out to be one of the most memorable ones in the series.

“Obsession” explores BDSM themes, and both Armitage and Murphy had an intimacy director on set to guide them through the intimate scenes. The actors rehearsed with “dance outfits” and spent more time on the scenes than they had on previous projects.

Armitage expressed his satisfaction with the process, saying that it was fulfilling to have another artistic brain in the room to help them develop the physical vocabulary of the scenes. Murphy added that the experience allowed her to consider the characters’ motivations and the fallout of their actions, which she had not done before.

The show has garnered significant attention for its steamy scenes, and the cast recently sat down with a news site to discuss the series. They shared insights into their on-set experiences, including how they relaxed with cheese boards between takes.

“Obsession” is a timely show that explores the themes of powerplay, obsession, and the dangers of giving in to one’s desires. With Armitage’s improvised scene and the show’s exploration of BDSM, “Obsession” is a must-watch for those who enjoy erotic thrillers with complex characters and themes.

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